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    Steve Rowland
    look under "Steve Rowland" for access to "Patti LaBelle: Gospel into Soul", or "Carlos Santana: Music for Life"...(more)
    Jerold Frederic
    Artist Views: 107436
    City of Birth: Michigan
    Current Residence: Andalusia, PA
    Played With:
    Instruments: Steinway Concert Grand Piano
    Other Activities: fishing, reading

    Jerold Frederic's extraordinary career began at the grass roots level, playing in colleges and universities across the United States where he accomplished a record 257 engagements in his first three seasons under the management of Harry Culbertson. So remarkable was his success that Alexander Greiner, artist director for Steinway and Sons, said in the Steinway News, "Frederic's rise and extensive concertizing throughout the United States, accomplished as it was without preliminary debut in New York or Europe, presents an achievement without precedent in the history of the field".

    In his early years he was fortunate to have contact with Moritz Rosenthal, Ignace Paderewski and Sigismond Stojowski. These remarkable pianists represented a tradition of playing that is all but lost today - a tradition that began with Franz Liszt and Anton Rubenstein. The printed note was used only as an entrance to a language in sound where everything is completely subservient to the nature of the thought. Harold Schonberg in the NY Times on 10/19/69 noted "...there is a dreadful uniformity today, and also an appallinglack of knowledge about the culture and performance traditions of the past". Frederic's playing has provided us with a new link to these great traditions.

    Every few years Steinway provided him with his own concert grand which he would choose at their factory in Queens, NY from among a large number of these hand-crafted and very individual instruments. Most musicians would prefer to have their own instrument when they perform, but the nine foot long, 1000 pound Steinway presented a difficult logistical problem. Frederic solved that by designing a piano trailer that went with him wherever he travelled - even on his numerous trips abroad.

    He has remained a Steinway Artist throughout his career and is one of the signatories on their distinctive 500,000th piano that was exhibited in Carnegie Hall and around the country.

    Frederic's uncompromising approach to his art is one of the elements that has made him a great communicative artist and the present selections will allow his listeners to experience what is truly a language in sound.

    Artist Comments

    ---------------------- REVIEWS ----------------------

    VIENNA – Kurier “A pianist of superlative accomplishments. Under his hands the great Chopin Sonata in B Minor became a miracle of poetry and fashioned structural style. A performance of such magnitude that the audience, with thunderous applause, recalled him to the platform again and againl”

    LONDON – Times “Enormously effective both in concept and persuasion. A pianist in the grand tradition.”

    LOS ANGELES – Times “Frederic has both the sense of the lyrical and climactic. In Liszt his tour de force and big dynamics were poured out with such little apparent effort, were drawn so richly and with such discrimination, that the listener is both astonished and fascinated. He has a manner of retirement that is banished the moment he stretches his hands to the keys and delivers himself of the pent feeling there. It is well t know that another great pianist is a product of these years.”

    AMSTERDAM – De Tijd “A technique and musical insight that places him in the front rank of pianists today.”

    CHICAGO – Daily News “In some twenty years of reviewing I have never encountered a pianist with quite Mr. Frederic’s poetry of mind and devotion to beauty. I can quite understand the magnetic quality of his hold over his audiences.”

    Artist Albums
    Concert Selections (live recordings)
    Jerold Frederic Plays Chopin
    2 FREE Tracks from pianist Jerold Frederic!!
    Artist Tracks
    Waltz, Opus 42 - Chopin
    Waltz, Brilliant Opus 34 - Chopin
    Nocturne Opus 55 no 1 - Chopin
    Mazurka, Opus 59 Number 3 - F# minor - Chopin
    Mazurka, Opus 59 Number 2, Ab Major - Chopin
    My Joys - Chopin-Liszt
    Hark, Hark the Lark - Schubert-Liszt
    Waltz Ab, Opus 64, number 3 - Chopin
    Prelude Opus 28, #17 - Chopin
    Waltz, Opus 42, Version 2 (40 years later) Chopin
    Ballade, Ab Opus 47 - Chopin
    Sonetto 104 del Petrarca - Liszt
    Sonetto 123 del Petrarca - Liszt
    La Campanella - Paganinni - Liszt
    Impromtu, Opus 142, Ab Major, Schubert
    Prelude, Opus 28, Number 17 - Chopin
    Mazurka, Opus 59, Number 3 - Chopin
    Mazurka, Opus 59, Number 2 - Chopin
    Nocturne, Opus 15, No. 1 - Chopin
    Prelude, Opus 28, No. 15 - Chopin
    Waltz, Opus 42 (a) - Chopin
    Waltz, Opus 64, No. 3 - Chopin
    Mazurka, Opus 17, No. 4 - Chopin
    Ballade, Opus 47, No. 3 - Chopin