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     Afro Caribbean Jazz
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     Latin Jazz
     World Music


    Steve Rowland
    look under "Steve Rowland" for access to "Patti LaBelle: Gospel into Soul", or "Carlos Santana: Music for Life"...(more)
    Mem Nahadr
    Artist Views: 2807
    City of Birth: Sactuary
    Current Residence: New York
    Played With: Appearances Include Aretha Franklin, Soundtrack - “A Rose Is A Rose” Nona Hendryx, Lillias White, Linda Eder, Julie Andrews, Liza Minnelli Salif Keita, Hassan Hakmoun, Horacee Arnold, Matthew Dickens Liesbeth List Timothy Graffin-Reed, Simply Red, Maxwell, Chaka Khan, Freddie Jackson, Don Harris, lead horns - Tower of Power Johnny Kemp, Sabir Mateen, JoJo Kuo, Richard Bona, Check Tidliane Sec Sandra St. Victor, Eric Benet, Kenny Lattimore, El Debarge, Tonni Smith - Voice of "Funkin" for Jamaica" Vernon Reid, Bemshi, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun, Phoenix Rivera, Maysa Leak - Incognito, Felicia Collins, Everton Sylvester, Stephanie McKay, Jeff Golub, V. Jeffery Smith, Omar Hakim, Dennis Davis, Michael Raye - Kristen Gray "SoulRaye" Pat McGuire Band Kid Lucky, Sussan Deyhim, DJ Spooky, “That Subliminal Kid' DJ Sticky, - Neil Strauss - Writer, Music Critic New York Times Knoninklijke Luchtmacht Orchestra, Snithsonian Institute, National Arts Club, CBGB's New York, Knitting Factory New York HBO Special "Summerfest starring Sinbad, VH-1 "Hard Rock Live" NBC Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Blues Alley “M Live at Blues Alley with the Millennium Jazz Group” Japanese Animee - "Cowboy Bebop 2000 Future Blues", "Barend & Van Dorp" - 'Top Rated Dutch Television Show Entertainment Tonight / The Insider - "Da Vinci Code" Discovery Channel Onaje Allan Gumbs Sandra Nkake
    Instruments: Voice, Piano, Keys, Percussion, Bass, Computers,
    Other Activities: Human Rights Activist-www.Positive Exposure
    Website: www.mnahadr.com


    From her very first venture into the world of creative arts, M - artist and person – has carved a bold and brilliantly unique path through the field of traditional and contemporary music as well as into new and uncharted artistic territories. With a powerful six octave range, a captivating and mesmerizing stage presence and a rich musical and lyrical palette, M has excited audiences across a broad and diverse demographic. Interestingly, it is in the very fundamental nature of diversity that one can begin to appreciate M the person as reflected in M the artist.

    One area of music that has been instrumental in providing a creatively charged space for M's compositional inspirations is ‘free-jazz'. An environment full of improvisation, the pushing of boundaries, the merging of styles, the bold and daring release of divergent energies, the free-jazz movement has enabled M to experiment with sounds and tones and textures in the development of her vocal skills and allowed her to experience the free flow of ideas and thoughts that inform and inspire her in the shaping of her own compositions.

    From the very start of her musical career, even while working in whatever genre that presented her a platform on which to perform, M devoted her most precious time to writing, composing and developing her own material. Teaming with Grammy Award winning Producer- Engineer James P. Nichols and New York Theatrical Director, claude e. sloan, jr ., M has shaped a collection of songs she had composed through the years into an Off-Broadway "Conept Concert" of exoression and electricity.

    In 2004, M was requested by National Geographic Magazine to have a portrait made of her by renowned photojournalist Robert Clark . This portrait would be included in an explosive article on genetic inheritance and Darwinsim. M's work with "Madwoman" was highlighted in relation to the article as her work directly expresses ideas of diversity and acceptance of difference. Later that same year, M's portrait and artistic work became a featured part of a collection of images deemed "Best of The Year".

    Composer, vocalist, actress, multi-faceted performance artist – M assuredly illustrates through her artistry the universal cord of creativity that, when crafted well, can passionately move us to listen and experience across whatever boundaries that may separate us. The little girl who long ago looked into a mirror and discovered her uniqueness has grown up; But the woman, mature and set firmly upon her destined path, remains inspired to creatively challenge and be challenged by this world that ever engages us. In this unfolding of life's complex questions and marvelous mysteries, M's artistic evolution continues . .

    Artist Comments

    As each cell contains within, the blueprint of the entire body, itself being comprised of distinct parts in it's whole, so are the differences reflected in the whole of existence as well the same, , reflected in the dimension of the part......variaton.....spectrum (of light) .....yin-yang........equal.......dual.......You AND Me(body).......I(cell).......ONE.

    Ultimately it is the contemplation of the implication of difference in being that introduces her to a myriad of views which display themselves to her in the perceived form of a shattered questioning mind (the songs of a Madwoman) . The ultimate validity of oneself by BEING-alone becomes the conclusion of her journey as she comes to discover core truths of her existence. Discovering that her humanity is merely a part of, yet contains the expression and substance of the whole, and is whole by mere being, as all existence is.

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